-- 2nd Week as Part 3 Student of CS110 --

What you are about to read is highly hazardous..!!
So special procedure including wearing a mask is highly required...

This is my 2nd week as a Part 3 student..
i'm taking the course CS110 - Diploma in Computer Science here,..
in UiTM.. Shah Alam campus...

Back to the title..
2nd week???
kind of BORING..
with lots of works to be done..
but I still have the feeling of  BORING...
Class already started..
and learning is what I do..
but it still BORING..

Unlike my first and 2nd Sem..
i felt more fun during the first week and 2nd week.. and until my first month...
What makes me boring???
I don't know...
Perhaps there's no fun things to do..

what i want to emphasize is that my 2nd week is BORING...

-- The end --

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  1. same cos wif me =) tp ika dh part 5 kat uitm kelantan.. blaja rajin2 ok..huhuhuhu

  2. haha.. really?? so leh ar bagi tunjuk ajar eh nanti... akhirnya jumpe gak senior kampus lain..

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