-- Read a LOT !! -=-=-

here's the story of a young boy named Nizam..
he is a small but a cute guy..
well.. honestly i don't think he's cute..
but people keep on saying he is...
so I just accepting it..

back to the title..
Read a LOT???
whats that mean?
is the book title 'a LOT'??
is there any tricky message there?

just like the simple English..
read A lot..

from now on..
Muhammad Nizam Bin Mohd Yusop..
has signed a declaration,..
that i will read a lot..
because i want to widen my view..
i want to have knowledge..
i want to know facts...
to summarize all i want is..
i want to be a brilliant,knowledgable and brainy guy..

so..from now on..
library from 4 to 6 !!

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  1. we are what we read
    so all the best!

  2. epa... yeap3... i agree with you...
    thanx for that..

  3. reading will makes u know something u did't notice..
    have fun reading

  4. btol3... banyak bnda yang kita xperasan pon leh kte tao with reading..

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