United Nation : Democratic or Veto-Powered?

"This article is write on basis of freedom and should not be take as international crimes. I hereby write this article so that people can think and judge and so that whoever involve in this article can be realized about their mistake."-Nizam27391

United Nation or publicly known as UN. Founded in 1945, it is said to be the parliament of the world.Its vision claims to brings peace,avoiding conflicts and provides humanitarian assistance. But do they?

If you open the United Nation website at http://www.un.org, the first thing you will see is the top banner which says ' United Nation - We the peoples... A stronger UN for a better world ' .  A 'strict red highlight' in the word people means my anger towards what is used in the slogan for the UN. What do you mean by people?!! As far as I know, and as far as people,citizens, and humans in this wonderful world know , that United Nation does not consist of people but is consist of countries. Greedy countries that use UN to show their powers. Now it consists of 192 members. But the members that UN means don't stands for people. They don't represent the voice of people in the world. They just represent their 'greed of positive economy'.

Veto power system...
Why must this system exist? Can i know why does this system exist? Let me tell you what I think, a veto power system is a system to make greeds and powers conquer the UN. The 'members' who had veto power can easily object any proposal brought to the council. If you realised, there are a lot, i meant really really a lot of proposal that can save a crisis and seems good to bring peace had been objected by veto-powered members. WHY?? Why they objected it?

UN.. Where are your integrity..
This is my personal view.. but my view also represent the view of people of world..  Iran issue... they are said to develop a nuclear weapon.. in which they definitely deny.. They said that they develop nuclear power plant to generate elecricity.. and guess what.. they are big countries.. 80 millions of citizens..and that is very very a right things to build a nuclear power plant to serve that much of people..But..you keep on pushing them.. keep on saying about they developing nuclear weapons...
BUT.... Israel.. a really really small country.. had about 8 millions of people only... have its own power plant.. And some says that the Israelian had admitted that they had nuclear weapons. But.. Why no actions taking to them?? CAN I KNOW SOMETHING THAT I DON'T??

Viva La Palestina..
World knows about Palestine flotilla.. And world knows what Israel did to the flotilla.. The flotilla which consist of ships that want to send supplies to Palestine... And guess what.. Israel attack them.. Commandos.. With special tactical weapon.. And they used 'real-dead bullet'. To make sure whoever they shot be dead.
And what UN do? 'Just enjoy and relax.. It ain't big thing.. It just human that are killed. And that human does not give benefits to this UN.They don't provide me money.. So there's nothing to do'.. The quote might be what UN said. --I'm sorry if I hurt anyone..but Palestine issue had bring my nerve really really straight and tight if I said about it --

We the real people of world..
I hereby and perhaps other people will want to see change in UN.
No more POWER-POLISTISM..No more WAR,.No more GREED in chairs...
We want NO VETO's.. We want PEACE.. We want THE WORLD to UNITE..

My message is easy.. Give this world a nice,care,harmony and peaceful life.
Unite is the key for this.
Humans will regret it someday..

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