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When talk about blog, everybody 'woo' about it. 'Woo' here means a wonderful and acceptable things.(my own perspective.. - the real one might be different ).Let me explain a little bit about blog here.

According to wikipedia, a blog is a term taken from the word 'web log'. It is a type of websites or part of websites. A blog is usually maintained by individuals who create entries and share their stories. Alright,I'm not gonna wasting time explaining about the whole things about blog. So if you're interested to learn more, you may visit the link below :

Now,back to what this article about. About on how to start a blog. There are lots of free and paid service to start blogging. Here I provide you the best among the best to start a blog.

1. Blogger

- Blogger has been the choice of millions of blogger. Blogger was first developed by Pyra Lab but Google buy it from them back in 2003. Once register, you will be given a subdomain of . But Blogger also allow you if you want to use your own domain name if you have one. In Blogger,you are provided the best tools to create a stylish and functional blog. There are lots of widgets and template that are designed for Blogger. Hence,this probably your choice of getting a blog.

2. Wordpress

- Great successor of Wordpress CMS. provides a free blogging system with a lots of plugin and add-on.They also provide lots of beautiful templates. Wordpress is a popular choice for intermediate and expert blogger. But not for beginner. In Wordpress,you are given a subdomain of . But if you want to host Wordpress on your own server and have your own domain,you may download and install their CMS at . Don't worry. It is open-source, means it is free.

3. Tumblr
- Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows user to post text,video,link,quote and audio to their own page known as tumblelog,a short-form blog.Tumblr is a choice for many bloggers who want to have a simple blog and its ease of use. What's great about Tumblr is that users/bloggers can reblog and like other person's blog.Your subdomain will be

- Another free service provides you blogging platform. There's also paid service in . You will be given subdomain of .Like the other blogging platform, also provides you what is needed to blogging. Among the tools of is publish photos,private post,create email notification list and many more. You may check other features in their page.

P/S : That's all! What you need to start your own blog. Actually i dedicated this post to my sister who really really wanted to have blog. But I'm not going to teach her directly. But she'll need to learn on a basis of effort and not just asking.

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