Tips n Trick : Must Have On the Net - Social Networking Site

Social networking is a must have for everyone on the net. Statistically for each people, they used at least 3 hours per day on the social networking site. So,listed below is the must have social networking site for Internet users.

1. Facebook

  • Launched in 2004, this social networking site ranking up very fast and the result is that now it is the first social networking site on the net. 
  • What's make Facebook special and had millions of users a day is their tonnes of application. The concept of wall used by Facebook has bring different style of social communicating to nowadays world.

2. Myspace
  • Used to become popular in 2006, Myspace performed very well in attracting users to their site. But with Facebook rivaling up with them,Myspace lose. However, Myspace still have their own fans. 
  • The things that make Myspace interesting is that they provide special page to band and celebrities. Lots of new talents were found on Myspace. 
3. Friendster
  • The popularity of this social networking site had been decreased drastically since the launch of Myspace and Facebook. However,their targeted market which is Asian region still work for them.
  • Customizable pages and great commenting and messaging system perhaps be the stronghold of this social networking site.

That's it for now. I'll update the list later. But for now I just provide you three of the best social networking site on the Net. There's a lot more social networking site running on the net like Orkut, Google Buzz and etc.. But I'll write about them later. 

Till now.. Bye2..

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