Tips n Trick : Improve Your System Speed

There's a lot of discussion about how to speed up your PC system speed. Here I provide you 10 tips on how to improve your system speed.

1. Let your PC boot up completely before you open any application.This will allow memory to be organised efficiently.

2. Refresh PC after closing any applications. This will refresh the RAM also and remove any unnecessary files on RAM.

3. Never use a huge file size images as your wallpaper. If you had RAM less than 64 MB, don't even think about using a wallpaper.

4. Leave your desktop free of shortcuts. One shortcuts takes 500 bytes of RAM.

5. Empty unnecessary files from Recycle Bin. When you choose to delete a file, the file will still remain in Recycle Bin in order to make user can restore back the files. But these files sometimes does not needed anymore. So,empty unnecessary files from the Recycle Bin.If possible, just right click Recycle Bin and choose Empty Recycle Bin.

6. Delete Temporary Internet Files regularly. When you surf, your surfing history will be kept in temporary internet files folder. It is to enable a webpage to load faster. But, it will reduce your system efficiency.

7. Defragmenting your hard drive. This should be done once every two months. This will rearrange the files on your hard drive and free up space on your hard drive so that your applications runs faster.

8. Make partitions to your hard drive. The least is to make two ( 2 ) partitions to your hard drive. Install large softwares and games in your second partition ( not the system partition ). This will allow Windows to use the first partition ( system partition ) as virtual memory when RAM is full. If possible, keep the system partition as empty as possible.

9. Disable tray icon when installing new softwares. Tray icon will consumes RAM when boot up and hence slow your booting process. Also disable applications to start automatically when boot. You can disable it in preference of the software.

10. Dust-free your PC. Dust will cause the cooling fan to jam and slow down. Thereby, it will not cooling the PC. Heat is one of the element that affected the performance of a PC. Use PC air-compressor to blow up dust.

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