Tips n Trick : Go Open Source - Great Free Apps For You

Open source. Yes, open source. People keep talking about open source. But what is it actually?

Open source is describe as a practise in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials. This mean taht you are free to view the code and even edit the softwares developed on open source basis. But,some might need permission from the developers first before you can view and edit the code. Many had said that open source will bring a new style of developing for users.

Open source is everywhere in today's modern world. With the demand for free softwares is increasing rapidly, open source software seems to 'speak up' challenge to commercial developers.Here, I provide you the basic open source software you might need if you don't want to pay for any basic software.

Web Browser : Chromium , Mozilla Firefox
- Both Chromium or known as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox excel at different things. Google Chrome are good at speedy surfing while Firefox is for stable surfing.

Media Player : VLC ,  Songbird
- VLC is great for playing videos. The features for VLC is great for me. What I love about it the most is the ability to increase up the volume to 400%.
- For audio, Songbird is perfect for the job. Songbird become a tough rival for WinAmp and AIMP.

Office : OpenOffice , Sumatra , PDFCreator

- OpenOffice features a complete tools needed to be used for daily office/home jobs. OpenOffice does not differs much from Microsoft Office as it also provide the basic features that Microsoft Office offers.
- Sumatra PDF is a basic yet solid PDF viewer. It let you to view PDF files at ease.
- PDFCreator let you create a PDF from any Windows program.

File Transfer : Ares
- The only things that come to my mind when talk about downloads is Ares. Ares is the most widely used P2P program today. Using Ares, you are downloading files from Ares network. Ares can also be used as a torrent client.

Imaging : Inkscape , Gimphoto
- Inkscape is a vector drawing software. It is best for the job.
- Gimphoto is the best you can get. All the features for Gimphoto are almost similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. Hence,if you are comfortable with Photoshop environment but does not want to spend a penny on it,use Gimphoto.

Messaging : Pidgin
- Pidgin is the best messaging client for today. With Pidgin, you can add your messaging ID from hotmail,yahoo,AIM and many more.

Desktop Enhancement : Rocketdock , Launchy

- Rocketdock is the closest Apple-like dock for today. You can have an Apple-like dock with this amazing free dock software. You can also customize it with themes and many more.
- Launchy is suitable for keyboard's magician.

Games : Nexuiz , AssaultCube  , Tremulous , Lincity , Freeciv
- Games are what you need to make your desktop alive!.
- Nexuiz, AssaultCube and Tremulous are ideal for FPS maniac.
- Lincity and Freeciv are PC simulation games that are basic but fun to play.

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