Downloads : External Link and Internal Link

From now on, I will put both external link and internal link for downloads.
This means, even bigger and more downloads.
But here's a few things you need to know about external link and internal link.

Readme ( Internal Link ) :
1. Internal link is link of files that I uploads. This link is strictly supervise by me and people that helped me to make sure that the files exist and if broken,we will upload it again and fix the link in short times.
2. If you want to share your uploads to this admin file server,you can do so by uploading it using widget I'll post later. Do provide your name,blog address(optional),email(optional) for credits/thanx in share download comment box.( You can do this by going to page Request and share) under downloads.

Readme ( External Link ) :
1. External link is provided by other uploaders who share their downloads on downloads sharing site. Hence, it's not me who are responsible for the download link.
2. External link will be checked by me to make sure that the download link exist at the time I posted the download link.
3. I will not be responsible for any broken link or virus detected. But,if you had the problems you can comment on the download page and I will repair/delete the post and provide you new link.

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