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ISBN: 978-0470121009

  TITLE: Flash CS3 for Dummies

  AUTHORS: Ellen Finkelstein & Gurdy Leete 

  PUBLISHER: For Dummies (May 14, 2007)

  Reviews : ( from )
-The book is full of good advice and you instantly notice that the authors are avid Flash users. This book even tells you when NOT to use Flash. That's a good sign! Every chapter is full of these small things that only a seasoned Flash user would know that new users really need to know. The last three chapters, called "The part of Tens", are especially good. The first chapter is a ten question FAQ that quickly answers some key questions that beginners may want to know. The next part shows the reader where to learn more and it also introduces the Flash community through highlighting forums, conferences and resource sites (this site is even mentioned). The last of the three "Tens" chapters aims to inspire the reader by highlighting "Ten Flash Designers to Watch". One can always argue over who to highlight in such a chapter, but the designers mentioned are certainly inspiring.

Boring stuff such as how to install Flash, setting preferences, explaining panels and what's on the companion site are hidden in the Appendix. Those that look for it will find it, but it won't annoy the average reader. The companion site offers the usual example file download, but also a library of Vector Graphics (like in free clip-art) and a bonus chapter explaining "obscure terms" for Flash Designers.

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